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Arie's Favorite Puppy Products

As soon as we knew Arie was going to be arriving in our home, as typical new dog parents, we automatically started searching for all the perfect pet essentials. Of course, we love pretty things and these are some of the items we ended up buying and loving!!!...not only for the beautiful designs but also for how useful they really are.

  1. The Foggy Dog Rosa Floral Navy Waste Bag Dispenser - Needless to say, The Foggy Dog has become one of our favorite brands. Their products are hand-made in the US and we love that they donate food to animal shelters across the US with every order made. This bag dispenser has the gorgeous Rifle Paper & Co. design and can be clipped to any leash.

  2. Diggs Revol Dog Crate in Ash - This was our best buy yet! We love this crate so much and Arie did not have any problems with instantly loving it either. It is beautifully made and is a collapsible dog crate that is easy to set up, transport, and store. Not only does it have the main door opening but the sides and top can be opened.

  3. The Foggy Dog Rosa Floral Navy Bow Tie Collar - Another Foggy Dog find! Ok this may not be as "essential" but we couldn't help how cute it is.

  4. Kibble Bubble Treat Pouch - This pouch is awesome for training Arie since the treats are easily accessible from the side-slit and can be clipped to any belt or leash.

  5. The Foggy Dog Black and Neon Pink Climbing Dog Rope Leash - Yes, we had to get this neon pink and black combo from The Foggy Dog too.

  6. Diggs Groov Training Aid - Peanut butter is Arie's favorite and we spread it across this training aid and hook it to the Diggs Crate. This has made her love her crate even more!

All of the products have been working wonders so far! If you have any other suggestions for our new puppy essentials, send them our way! What are your dog's favorite finds?


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