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DIY Pressed Flowers Personalized Frame

pressed flowers in an acrylic frame with a personalized name
DIY Pressed Flowers Personalized Gift Frame

Pressed flowers have been a popular trend recently and we are absolutely loving it. We made this simple DIY keepsake pressed flower frame as a gift.

Pressing flowers makes them appear flat and once pressed and preserved the colors of the flowers range from faded colors to a greater intensity of vibrant colors. The pressed flowers and leaves can be used in a variety of craft projects such as this one. They are often mounted on handmade paper and frames.

How to press flowers?

You can construct a simple flower press with a few pieces of wood, cardboard, and some tissure paper OR you can grab a few books off the shelf and place something heavy over the book! we chose a book since this is a very simple and easy option.

Lay the flowers flat between two pieces of tissue or parchment paper to prevent the flowers from being damaged and to prevent any staining of the book itself. Next, place the covered flowers inside the book, close the book gently and place something heavy over the book to press the flowers down. Allow time for the flowers to dry, for example a week or two and then remove the dried, preserved flowers for this project.

leave for about 1 week to allow the flowers to dry and flatten.

HOW TO: DIY Pressed Flowers Personalized Frame


Pressed flowers

An Acrylic Magentic Frame (which has a top and bottom piece)

White Paint Pen


paper and pencil or printed name

Click on the photos below for Links to these Supplies:


This super simple! Check out our slides below:

  1. A piece of paper the same size as the frame, write out the personalized name or print out the name (in any font you desire) to determine the placement of the name on the frame.

  2. Next, with the acrylic frame piece that will be the bottom acrylic piece, place the paper underneath it and then trace the name with the white paint pen. Remove the paper once completed. Allow the personalized name to dry.

  3. Then, with the tweezers and the same bottom acrylic piece, arrange the pressed flowers as desired.

  4. Finally, place the top acrylic magnetic piece on top're done!

Simple, beautiful and a perfect DIY gift for graduation, Mother's Day or birthday!


Marissa and Ali


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