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A simple gift box DIY🌸

Do you have a habit of saving all the cute boxes that come with something you buy? We cannot help but save the adorable packaging that we get from even the littlest things. The box we used in this tutorial was from a beautiful candle bought from Magnolia Home. The box was too beautiful to throw away but what can you really do with a box that has writing all over it or has advertising on the cover? This was a simple solution. We found really adorable and sturdy wrapping paper to cover up the box and simply glued the paper over it.


Wrapper eg. @homegoods or any good quality decorative paper


Craft glue


Decor for the top (eg. fllowers, ribbon)


  1. Roll out the paper and measure enough paper to wrap around the box. Allow an additional 1/2 inch on all sides to allow the paper to be attached securely on all sides.

  2. Coat the back of the decorative paper with the craft glue. We find it best to use a applicator or sponge to spread an even, thin layer across the paper.

  3. Wrap the paper around the box and fold the 1/2 inch excess on the inside of the top of the box as well as the bottom of the box.

  4. Cut out another piece of paper, enough to cover the bottom of the box.

  5. Decorate the cover of the box, as desired.

We hope you try this super simple DIY. Take a look at our quick tutorial below and follow us on Instagram or Pinterest for more DIYs.


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